Tugabox is a Portuguese Products Subscription Box. 
But we randomly create our own products. This is where you can find our spare products to buy.

Get the feeling of Portugal wherever you are!

How it all started
Many people asks me how we came up with the idea of Tugabox. It is a story of travel, friendship, nostalgia and smiles.
It all started in August, 2013 when I made a trip to China. A couple of friends living in Shanghai at the time asked me to bring them some Portuguese products. I went back in earlier 2014 and their requests were the same. They were simple things, but for them after 3 years across the world were worth a lot: various pastries, cod and olive oil. But I decided to add one more, a surprise for them. Something found in every supermarket in Portugal: a package of Flocos de Neve candies. And the reaction was fantastic, that candy made the happiness of those people and made me think of how to bring that happiness to more people. Thus was born the Tugabox. To bring all those outside of Portugal a smile.